Karakonam- An Investigation.....

What has happended to our Church of South India??? education is said to be the development of the next generation....and when we own an educational institution it is not to be treated as a business alone...it is ofcourse a business, you need to develop your infrastructure to deliver your best to those who approach you and money only is required in the place of money,but this is not the way....this is purely robbery, you are stealing the money from common man's pocket by showing the label of CSI...!!!and you are trying to ignore the public voice by attacking the media persons who has investigated the news, attacking everyone with the help of a mad mob, saying that they were tresspassing your property...????man ours is a church not a brothel....to attack a tresspasser.....

what has happended???what has lead our prestigious CSI to such a pathetic state? if it was in our diocese the answer will be Rt Rev Dr KP kuruvilla....!!! obviously...everyone want to remove him from that chair as he is not allowing such rascals to rule and earn usiing the name of CSI.....
we also have educational instituitions, but there are no such issues...apart from the problems created purposefully by the members of our diocese and the teachers of the respective schools.... this is the result of appointing education less, culture less  and characterless persons in the prime post of the diocese and other instituitions, now it has happened in our diocese too, just have a look at the recently elected panel of members....how many are there educated? how many of them has a 'habit' of attending church atleast on sundays???? all are involved in curch politics not in church...and how has the won elections??? by propagating false and fake news through various medias like internet and distributing ugly and character assasinating notices even in churches.....by totally mis leading the laity....why??? why do they want to come to power??? to do good for the laitty???definetly no...they want to use that 4 crores of rupees in the accont of CSI, they want to use that money with out any hindrance...that is why they want to pass a new rule that gives power to treasurer alone to meet the expences of the diocese with out the apooroval from bishop....they want to  keep bishop away from the financial matters of the diocese and to delay the prestigious bishop palace to make sure that KPK  does not reside in it....
we are sure our laity people will definetly realise these facts soon, as they have already started sharing the posts within themselves....


The misery behind the election .......

The recently held diocesan council election results were made us to think a lot about the massive victory of the bishop opposing panel. Even though they were propagating fake and personnel abusing news to diverge the attention of the laity, we were quite sure to won the major seats. but the results turned to be dis appointing to the bishop supporters. 
All that thieves, culture less persons have elected to the major posts.....during our post election analysis our attention went to the news paper cutting shown here... it says  
a group of four has run a racket to collect money by offering teacher post in corporate management schools..!!!! and the names given underneath were sounds familiar too.... we initiated an investigation over this...and we found out that the house mentioned in this news is in Puthiyara.....
the man named Lesley was a teacher worked in the CSI school............!!!! is that over? no
he is a close relative of Mr. Jeevanand John.........!!!! is that shocking dear readers??? yes the same Jeevanand associated with pass puthiyara and given vigilance complaint about all achans who support bishop...!!! we had met some of the cheated persons by this racket....it was quite easy to find them as they used to visit this house in a regular manner and this house seems to be locked and even neighbours does not know where they went....!!! naturally we also had a doubt and we asked this to them that who has introduced this Lesley (Lesley master according to them) as a person who can get them jobs in CSI management???the answer was just shocking for us.....they still believe that this master can get them jobs as his supporters panel has won the elections....
this master has helped a person to get a job in CSI management when Rev.Vinod allan was the corporate manager.....!!!! that made them to believe this man and given lacks and lacks of rupees to him with out any guarantee,and the sad story is that this master is now admitted in a private hospital of calicut due to some serious life threatening illness....so where is that crores of rupees he has collected from various job seekers in a very short time???? 
that money was used in the diocesan council elections to attract voters and that is how they won the election in such a huge margin.... and they had made Lesley master to believe that they will give them all job in our management when they will win the elections and start to rule the diocese...poor master fell ill now and what will happen to him will be seen by time only...and one more thing..
 Udayakumar mentioned in the above said news is a close friend of Mr.Jeevanand who lives in puthiyara too..
dear Jeevanand please don't cheat him at least as he is your uncle.....and a patient now...he has collected all this money for you peoples to enjoy the power of diocese and poor fellow has issued his self signed cheque to all who has given money to him for teacher post...!!!!


The Black Cloud Has Moved Away

The black cloud has moved away, the sky is clear now……..no more hassles , no more troubles, our good lord has heard the prayers especially that of poor orphans and widows. All that problems accumulated on CSI NKD after the purposeful freezing of the accounts of NKD is over now as our new treasurer Mr. Mohan Ancheri who has appointed by the synod, has taken charge as the treasurer of NKD. 
 Congratulations and thanks to the bishop of NKD Rt.Rev.Dr.K P Kuruvilla, he managed the boat very well during the problems, those who worked behind the purposeful account freeze would have been thought that some one of the poor home will die by starving and they wanted to take advantage of that but our bishop has never allowed such hazards to happen, and he managed these obstacles so well and there were not much issues due to lack of money. 
All those foul play has over now and the group of crooks who works only to get  power in church politics,that include PASS and NKLF lead by James Wesley Hunt who calls himself a soldier has failed miserably in their vindictive activities to create troubles in NKD.


An Act Of shame on Easter Sunday

Protests can be performed in anyway, it is the act to show our dis agrees with the particular matters. But it was a regretful experience as a Christian to watch the remonstration of PASS and NKLF supporters against something in front of the Cathedral Church, Calicut on the Easter morning. The believers of Jesus Christ attended the holy worship in the joy of the victory of our saviour against sin as he rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion on Resurrection Sunday, and when they came out of the church, there were some people including some choir members of cathedral, gathered in front of the campus with their mouth covered with black cloth and a person was talking something on a megaphone, though no body was listening to them barking there, they continued this circus for some more time.
We tried our best to hear what they speak but we couldn’t because of their low voice and the cheerful talking and Easter wishes of the cathedral members. All the cathedral members were quite aroused by the act of these crooks and they were just stood helpless by seeing some gundas between them who has already suspended from puthiyara CSI church for annoying a holy worship. They also included Mr. Hunt who filed a case against diocese to freeze the bank accounts and got failed miserably as the court dismissed the case with cost by saying he has no right to question the diocese.
We wonder these guys says they want to save CSI and NKD from the hands of evil but they wont go to church in an Easter day even…!!!! and they call themselves as true Christians…..funny …….!!!! There were no one in that protest who attended church on that day, all of them were Christians, of course Basel mission Christians, except some cathedral choir members who gone directly there to protest after their special number on Easter morning.
We had found a board asking no one except choir members to enter the upstairs where the Pipe organ of Cathedral placed, we doubt it may be for them to plan something in favour of this protest, that is why they blocked the entry of members to that place and some choir members were there in the protest too as we said before.


Wake up......Realize the Fact.....!!!!

Some of the laymen wants to hijack the CSI NKD with the help of some  Vicars, this is the basis of all these current issues here in our diocese. Dear readers, just recollect the happenings that had in NKD in the last few months.
We all know that the blog which operated by PASS is only to abuse bishop and priests who held respectable posts and to proliferate bogus scandals to character assassin them. After constant obnoxious comments about the upright traits of NKD, we read a post on 23rd November 2010 on this blog as;


For the successful and positive results of the discussions to be held at Bangalore on 24 th november 2010 between the Moderator of CSI and leadership of the CSI North Kerala Laity Fellowship on the illegal and vindictive activities exist in the diocese.

Two days after, on 25th of November they posted another news, as


So it is well evident from this that who has lighted the fire for all these fumes now, things were kept silent during Christmas time and later on 14th of January another post appeared in the same blog as




This was published with immense pleasure and the secretary of Laitty was distributing a letter which was supposed to sent to Rt Rev Dr K P Kuruvilla from the Most Rev. Moderator of CSI, later this letter was called a ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ one and accused our bishop that he has leaked this confidential letter to his proxy’s to file the suit, by the same Laitty and PASS who were distributing the copy of the same ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ letter to celebrate their victory when it reached the bishop office.(the question of how the so called confidential letter has reached them is still exist)
And by the evening of 24th January another post came out in their blog as 

Officiating Administration Assumes Charge, Bishop Absconding

This post also described the details of the administrative committee as;

The administrative committees consisting of the following members have been constituted to function with effect from 24.01.2011. 

1. Rt.Rev.Dr. K.P.KURUVILLA,the BISHOP as the Chairman.

2. Mr.P.I.JOHN (Rtd,IAS) as the Financial Administrator&Treasurer.

3. Commodore.MOHAN ANCHERY as the Administrative committee Secretary.

4. Col.JAMES WESLY HUNT    as member of the Administrative committee.

5. Mr.T.C.JOHN (Rtd.IAS)   as the Chief Election Commissioner.

The functions and powers of the newly appointed committee as per constitution will be the day to day administration of the churches,colleges,schools,hospitals and all other programmes of  our Diocese. THE COMMITTEE HAS TAKEN CHARGES FROM THE PRESENT DIOCESAN OFFICERS TODAY   THE 24 TH DAY OF 2011. PRAISE THE LORD. THANK YOU JESUS.
But actually Mr.Vinod Mathew a committee member from waynad has filed a suit against this disparaging act of synod and succeeded in obtaining a stay against the administers from taking the charge of NKD and they were returned back to Chennai the same evening itself, but both PASS and Laitty who call themselves as registered organizations and pretend as the soldiers of truth had kept this fact silent and propagated the above fake news through their various web pages.

On January 29 onwards they started advertising Mr. Hunt as the new savior of schools of our diocese through this blog as;


we  are  getting  number  of  phone  calls  from  church members ,presbyters, employees  working under the corporate management  of  All  CSI schools in Malabar and wynad.requesting  the  details  of   the  Administrators  who have taken charges to  look  after  the  day-to-day administration  of  churches  and  the  institutions  like schools,collegesand hospitals under our CSI NORTH KERALA DIOCESE.
All of you may submit your complaints as well as suggestions to him. Kindly take this opportunity and let the administrators   know the   burning issues   and make   solutions.
Thanking you,
When it is came to the knowledge of the moderator that Mr. Hunt has no membership in any church of CSI all over India, his name was omitted from the panel of administrators who was supposed to take charge over NKD, meanwhile some healthy discussions were happened between moderator and bishop and he was convinced and realized the fact that he was misguided in this issue by these two fraud organizations and decided to dissolve the administrative committee. Mean while the issue had deliberately made more volatile when the existing committee of diocesan office has resigned from their posts and the treasures requested the banks to freeze the whole accounts of NKD. On these grounds moderator asked the bishop to select a team of his belief for the smooth functioning of the diocese to avoid more damages to poor Vicars and teachers and those all who live with the salary from CSI institutions.
Rev. Bishop has formed a team with the blessings of synod including active members of church who has Christian belief and background and the honorable members of the old team. Two members were omitted from the old committee were Mr. Hunt who was not a member of CSI community, and P. C. John who expressed his unwillingness to work in the committee through a letter written to the moderator. When PASS and Laitty realized that they lost this game too, they persuade Mr. Hunt and he moved on court to won a stay against this new committee appointed by synod from doing financial transactions and put  the salary of all those who work in CSI institutions and Vicars under difficulty.
So the question is what is PASS and Laitty wants actually??? 
a smooth functioning of the diocese? or power and control of the diocese through their rubber stamp officers who willing to dance on their tunes? 
What is the secret behind the massive support and popularity they give to Mr. Hunt who is a non CSI man and known for his misbehavior with ladies??? 
Both PASS and Laitty were abusing Mr.Vinod who won the case  against the administrators in worst language for questioning the decision of synod in court...and has done the same thing now by using Mr.Hunt as a shade, so what to be done with these people now, they even yelled to remove his name from church register for questioning the synod...and what is this they are doing now??? 
they will do everything only for their own benefits..for that reason they will bow before anyone and lick any dirty foot.
 Dear believers this is the time to wake up, we need to act against these fraud organizations which are trying to hijack our churches. We need to react against them against their satanic activities and against those barbarians who act and help for these offenders….


Thanks to the Almighty

The almighty has finally showered his enormous blessings over NKD; all those black clouds formed over the sky of NKD is flew away to leave us a clear sky. Stop for all those gossips and fake propagation which even gone to the maximum level that our Rt.Rev. Bishop is asked to take long leave and soon will be replaced…like that!!!
A team selected by the Rev. Bishop with the blessings of the synod, started functioning in bishop office, in the space of the old committee which was deliberately resigned from their respective posts under the influence of certain organization whose only motto is to ruin the entire CSI. These organizations has their own personnel agenda as we all probably know, and for that they have troubled and insulted the entire CSI by propagating cheap comments and fake scandals through internet to entire world so that even non CSI men and the members of CSI community especially who are in abroad will be annoyed and think that there is some huge trouble here, and it is a fact that they have done so much of  such damages by their nasty play until we the ‘Real FACE ‘has came in to picture.
First we started giving time to time replies to them through their own blog page in the comment forum and when we started disclosing the actual facts, they were forced to wind up the comment facility of their blog page and that was our first victory.
 Later we started this blog to propagate the actual truth to the believers about the current issues that was happening in NKD, which got a wide acceptance from the believers of CSI as we were the only one who presented the issues without any colour, as others who said themselves as registered and thara…vadi blogs were trying to spread only lies that are fabricated at their own factories.
Now we are sure it is going to be a pleasant atmosphere, that the new team is there to manage the diocesan office, previously those who sit in the chair has acted only against the decisions of the diocese and they worked there only to leak news from diocesan office to these parasite organizations so that they can make new stories, it is evident that the previous officers have acted as the gundas of PASS and Laitty, remember the account freeze issue, but now the picture has changed  and we can think positively that  there will be peace in NKD….only until these parasite organizations came with their another issue to crate more trouble here and to be in limelight by conducting press meets and by giving false news in news papers.
We came to understand that they are in make of another issue, as we read a comment in some of their blog regarding an audio tape  that they want to hand over  to media. It was expected by everyone that they will start with a new story as the whole of their effort to create troubles in NKD has failed miserably and all of them who conducted press meet and said to medias that the bishop has been removed from place has lost their face. So the battle continues but this time only out side the diocesan office….


Challenge against CHRISTIANITY

     It is not Christianity, the incidents that are being happened in CSI North Kerala diocese now a days, can not be called a christian way of behavior in a least manner even. As it is well known that the present diocesan council have period till march, some crooked minded laymen mislead the Most.Rev.moderator of CSI by personally meeting him in Chennai with the help of some suspended members and some priests of CSI. 

Moderator has decided to sent a team of four administrators to NKD in light of this, and the team included a non CSI men also who has given immense support by pass who said to work for the wellness of CSI. But our leadership has spoke with the moderator and  explained the situation and the problems that NKD face today by the atrocities created by two fraud organizations named PASS and Laitty, who want to make issues in whole diocese so that they can propagate that diocesan leadership  in functionless and they dreamed to change the bishop even, so that they can appoint a bishop of their choice and so they can cancel the suspension of 5 Gundas who has been thrown out of the primary membership of CSI even,from Puthiyara CSI church due to their immoral and anti christian behaviors, and they even abused a priest on face by entering his office forcefully during this time. When moderator realized the fact, he has dissolved the team which has sent from Chennai and asked the Rev.Bishop to select a team to manage the office as the present committee has resigned from their posts by the influence of these two fraud organizations.

Meanwhile there are few laymen approached court to get an injection from the  administrators taking the charge of NKD and they got succeeded in one case which was from Kalpetta, and both PASS and Laitty has propagated that our Bishop had used  his proxy to file these cases and  the confidential letter which moderator has sent to Bishop has been leaked from Bishop's office, but actually Laitty was distributing the copy of the so called confidential letter when it reached bishop office, if it is so confidential then how did it reached them? and the copy distributed by Laitty has been used to file the cases in various courts.
The administrator team went back to Chennai the same day as there was a stay from court against them to function in NKD, but both PASS and Laitty propagated through their various web pages that they assumed the charges and the administrators are ruling the diocese, and when we reached the public with the truth that a stay is there against this, they started saying that stay is applicable to wynad only, and now when they realized that they will loose this game too they are trying to spread that the case has been dismissed by the court. Actually the case was just postponed, as the opposite parties are not attending the case, its only a usual procedure and the fact is that their is no importance for  this case now as the administrator team has been dissolved and it is decided from synod to select a team by bishop to manage the office, in a view of this the person who has files the suit has withdrawn the same. This is a cheap act from both PASS and Laitty to make an advantage of this situation, that is why they propagate that the case has been dismissed. 

The double game that PASS ad Laitty played here is well evident now, they just wanted to create problems in every churches of NKD and want to remove our Bishop from his post for their man to sit, that is the only remaining hope for them to sit back in CSI church. But bishop already asked them to give a written apology in this matter so that he will cancel the suspension for that they were not at all ready and keep on doing more and more atrocities to believers as the time going. They are not challenging the CSI by these acts but they are challenging the Christianity.